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CleanviroTM odour-control tablet

Urinals installed with cleanviro tablets does not need to have the water supply turned on - our tablet will do the work.

Once the urine passes thru the urinal face and into the bottom of the urinal where it makes contact with cleanviro, the special formulation of the tablet reacts with urine and releases biological proprietary elements which will encapsulate and emulsify the ammonia present in urine. Ammonia oxide is a chemical found in human urine which causes malodour upon contact with damp environment.

As the tablet slowly dissolves, it releases microbial ingredients that assists cleanviro in breaking up the buildup of uric scale from the urinal drain and pipes. Uric scale and lime scale are also major sources of malodour in toilets which is caused by poor maintenance and natural buildup by water flushing over a long period of time.

The natural plant extracts in the cleanviro tablet also leaves the urinal with a fragrant and mild scent upon reaction to urine - unlike the strong chemical scent normally found in other commercial urine deodorizers.

NEW PRODUCT : Cleanviro MAXXI tablet

Cleanviro MAXXI tablet is specially designed for stainless-steel type floor urinal. It has a more darker blue colour to enhance its appearance and make it more hygienic-looking as its is constantly exposed in open floor-type urinals. It is composed of the same ingredients as the original Cleanviro odour-control tablet and but differs in shape and colour.

Cleanviro tablets prevent uric scale from building up.
If left unattended , uric scale combined with limescale that built-up in common urinal drains over time would be very hard to remove, and is also a major source of malodour.

These pipes from toilet urinals with uric and lime scale build up over the years contributes to malodour.

Cleanviro waterless urinal tablet contains microbial ingredients that are uric acid & lime scale degrading for toilets and urinals.

The ingredient is designed to dissolve and prevent build up of organic deposits including uric acid deposits and scale. It contains:
- selected, naturally occurring Hazard Group 1 micro-organisms to degrade organic waste
- surfactants to penetrate the deposits and enhance the cleaning effect
- stabilisers and natural ingredients to help dissolve lime scale and uric acid deposits

Microbial Content
The ingredient contains aerobic, spore-forming bacterial strains belonging to the genus Bacillus.

The ingredient exhibits the following characteristics:
Contains only Bacillus spores and has negligible phosphate content
- Prevents build up of lime scales and uric acid deposits
- Neutralises and prevents unpleasant odours
- Prevents blockages in toilets, baths, showers and basins
- Can enhance the activity of septic tanks and treatment plants
-  Is completely biodegradable and homogeneous

Installation and Maintenance of urinals.

- For wall hung-type urinals, installing the Cleanviro urinal tablet is as easy as 1-2-3, we have provided a detailed instruction on how to install the tablet. No special cleaning materials needed, and daily maintenance is a breeze.

- For floor urinals, its even easier , just follow this instructions and you'll be saving in no time.

Featured Product:
CleanviroTM odour-control urinal tablet
Main features:
- Cleanviro's unique mixture of plant extracts and propietory elements eliminates and emulsifies urine odour
- Contains microbial ingredients that prevent uric and lime scale buildup
- simply toss into an existing urinal and make it waterless in an instant
- Almost 99% daily water savings
- Save thousands of litres of fresh water with just one cleanviro tablet
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