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Water, one of the most important things on earth

Even if our planet is covered with two thirds of water, the simple fact is , that two thirds is sea water, which cannot be used for our daily use. Although there is a process called desalination which removes salt and other chemicals that are present in seawater to make it fit for human consumption, this is a very expensive process and is not enough to cope with the increasing demand for water supply.

The other type is fresh water which comes from rain. As we all know, rain simply put, is a byproduct of a number of environmental and biological reactions. When rain falls, we have several catchment areas in different places that runs off water dams where it is treated before it eventually goes into our homes water supply for our consumption.

Our problem is that the environment has changed rapidly in the past thirty years or so that industrialization has affected the earths natural environmental and biological cycle thus experts have seen increasing scarcity of rain due to these changes. At the moment, we have experienced droughts in many places and many are predicting that things will only get worse, unless we act now.

We all have shared responsibility in conserving one of the most precious things in Earth. If we do our own little share of saving our resources, together we can make a big difference, after all , we only have one planet to live in.

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