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Our business.
We uniquely provide complete odour control, waterless urinals, air and water treatment solutions. We bring high-tech to a traditional industry and with its innovative solutions to the treatment of our most fundamental life sustaining elements: Air and Water.

Our mission and vision.
We aim to promote a cleaner environment through the use of innovative Technologies, and be a market leader in providing safe products and excellent solutions to Environmental Management.

Our company.
Belvedere Cleanvironment
Australia is a sister-company of Belvedere Cleanvironment Philippines and Belvedere Group of Companies. Together we provide more than twenty years of experience in providing innovative solutions to environmental management. Best of all, we pride ourselves in offering one of the best pricing structure without compromising the quality of products and services we offer.

Our products.
Our Cleanviro TM tablet is a leading edge in bringing odour-control solutions to many existing urinals that still use water to flush. Going waterless not only means saving you from water bills but more importantly doing your share to save the environment. Our complete waterless urinal system on the otherhand provide innovative design and smart alternative to male watered urinal systems. Practical design and one of the best priced waterless urinal in the market without compromising quality and effectiveness. We also offer odour-control liquid concentrate for a wide range of applications , and ceramic cover to complement use of our cleanviro tablet on existing urinals.

Featured Product:
CleanviroTM odour-control urinal tablet
Main features:
- Cleanviro's unique mixture of plant extracts and propietory elements eliminates and emulsifies urine odour
- Contains microbial ingredients that prevent uric and lime scale buildup
- simply toss into an existing urinal and make it waterless in an instant
- Almost 99% daily water savings
- Save thousands of litres of fresh water with just one cleanviro tablet
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